"Maybe Love stays. Maybe Love can't. Maybe Love shouldn't."  Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye "When Love Arrives"

"When Love Arrives" Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye Beautiful spoken word on the journey of love.

(Duck Dynasty)-- "I've loved you when you were NOT SO NICE & NOW YOU'RE NICE. When we were poor & not so poor. I like -not so poor better!!"- "But if we lost it all today it wouldn't make any difference."--Miss Kay "We're in it for the Long Haul."-- Phil Robertson.

Duck Dynasty, this has got to be one of the best captions I've seen yet. Kim and Kanye will be a thing of the past like last year's Duck season! And before Miss Kay get's her last batch of biscuits out of the oven!

Three generations. The Robertson family story told through the lens of Phil, Kay, Jep and Reed. Gather friends and family this Thanksgiving season and watch their 30-minute special film. From their humble beginnings and struggle to keep their family together, see what happened before their immense success.

During the first six minutes, Phil shares a personal testimony that reveals his Christian commitment to love people, regardless of their sin.

This episode was so funny I literally couldn't stop laughing...I like the part where Phil said "squirrels are for eatin not playin" or something to that effect...I laughed so hard...

Duck Dynasty Phil and Ms Kay Phil's favorite spot his camo chair

As for Phil’s relationship with his wife, Kay? Well they, too, were high school sweethearts and quite the good-looking pair.

Duck Dynasty’s Ms. Kay Robertson throwback photos from childhood and high school

Happy happy happy (be still my heart!) This is true love <3 I cry reading this

Duck dynasty❤️ miss kay & Phil make me believe true love does exist out there

Cutest couple you ever saw. Rednecks. Duck Dynasty.

helping egg Willie on to come enjoy the redneck waterpark the guys made.