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5 Steps to Producing a Powerful Photography Series

Art’s significance changes in the presence of context. The way we perceive the voice within a work of art is likely to evolve, for example, when we learn.

Some of the most interesting photo series combine the emerging world of smartphone photography with old school techniques.  On his Instagram, Maksim Zavialov combines Polaroids with photos from his iPhone of the location where the original was shot.

photojojo: Some of the most interesting photo series combine... (GRACE & VICTORY)

To empower modern women, photographer Kacy Johnson created ‘FEMALE’, a photo series that puts the spotlight on the bare backs of females. The inspiring photo project documents anyone around the globe who identifies as female, regardless of age, sex, ethnicities, and shapes.

To empower modern women, photographer Kacy Johnson created ‘FEMALE’, a photo series that puts the spotlight on the bare backs of females.


"Screen Series" by Matthew Tischler hazy portraits through fabric give a sense of a person without revealing the full details

Photo © Parker Fitzgerald. Floral design by Riley Messina.

United with Beauty: 'Overgrowth' Series by Parker Fitzgerald and Riley Messina

art, photography, anxiety, mental illness, John William Keedy, It’s Hardly Noticeable - An Anxiety-Themed Photo Series

It's Hardly Noticeable, An Anxiety-Themed Photo Series

The photo series “It’s Hardly Noticeable” by John William Keedy explores themes of anxiety and mental illness in staged tableaus and still lifes. The series is inspired by Keedy’s personal struggles with an anxiety disorder.

Writer, photographer, illustrator, and director Mitch Boyer got the idea to Photoshop his tiny dachshund Vivian to an enormous scale after wanting to see her portrayed the same size of her mammoth personality. The idea was so entertaining he decided to turn the series of digitally manipulated images into a children’s book titled “Vivian the Dog Moves to Brooklyn” which depicts the pair’s own move to the city just a couple of years prior.

A Photo Series Featuring an Oversized Dachshund and Her Owner Exploring Brooklyn This is so something Gerrit would do and love

Tony Luciani hopes his images will shed light on aging.

Son's photo series captures the spirit of his 93-year-old mother

Tony Luciani created a very touching, funny, and quirky series of photos with his 91 year old mother. As her full-time caregiver, Luciani created a collection called The Strange Ones, allowing his …

Im Tired Race Gender Microaggressions Photo Series

"I'm Tired" Project Highlights The Exhausation Of Micro-aggresions

weandthecolor: “ Berlin’s Post-War Housing Estates Read more about the photo…

”Stacked”, a photo project by Malte Brandenburg about the large post-war housing estates in Berlin. Malte Brandenburg is a self-taught photographer.

I Fought the Law, A Photo Series That Illustrates Bizarre State Laws

I Fought the Law, A Photo Series That Illustrates Bizarre State Laws

Some of America’s most absurd laws illustrated in a photo series by Olivia Locher. I Fought the Law In Alabama it is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at all times.

Todd Hido - I have considered doing a project like this, not because I like looking in people's windows, but because I love the way light looks through windows at night!

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These photos use shadows to create dynamic and interesting photo. By using a spotlight and the shadow of a hand this photo series plays with the perspective of the viewer. The subject is seen as small while the shadow cast by the hand is large giving it a certain power over her. This evokes a sense of intimidation and fascination.

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