15 ways you can use LEGO to teach ear training, note reading, rhythm, scales and more #PianoTeaching #PianoGames

15 Ways You Can Use LEGO To Teach Piano

15 waysto use LEGOs to teach ear training, note reading, intervals, rhythm, scales and

Do you use all of these piano teaching games? What would you add to the list? http://colourfulkeys.ie/essential-free-piano-teaching-games/

Top 9 Absolutely Essential Free Piano Teaching Games

Which free piano teaching games are the best? Which ones do you need in your teaching toolkit? These top 9 are the perfect place to start!

5 super fun piano teaching games with simple set up.  Play them this afternoon! teachpianotoday.com #pianoteachingames #lessonactivities

5 Games to Bake… I Mean Make… Note Reading Fun!

Do you own a muffin tin? Well you now have 5 fun piano teaching games with simple set up. Plan and play them today!

Skittles Staff Game | Music group lessons | Group lesson ideas | Free piano games

Skittles Board Game

This is a very fun game to test note reading skills. Students use Skittles candy as their game tokens and play on a music staff.

Piano lesson focus tool

Lesson Focus Aid - Keeping active minds on track

This lesson focus aid keeps piano students on track during their lesson time. It's especially useful for students with special needs and very active kids.

Free samples of teaching materials from Teaching-Children-Music.com

Alcohol Inks on Yupo

5 days of piano teaching ideas to make theory concepts "stick"!  #PianoLessons

5 Days of Piano Teaching Fun Using Play Dough!

Using brain breaks while you teach piano is a great way to break up the time…

Brain Breaks for Piano Lessons

Games - FREE Printable for or -- movement is GOOD for the BRAIN! These are miracle workers for your fidgety students.

This page contains FREE piano/theory worksheets, sheet music, lesson plans, and other resources for music teachers and students! All files may be downloaded and copied for personal and educational use. Enjoy!

Grand Staff Pass - a great note-reading activity for music students! Kiddo wants to learn piano.

Halloween Music Worksheets--FREE printable worksheets and a bunch of fun game ideas. You've got to check it out!

Halloween Music Worksheets -- and ideas for group lessons, including yarn spider web game