Celebrating #pi day with #pie puns! You are the apple of my pie #LetsEMC

Celebrating day with puns! You are the apple of my pie

Thanksgiving love quote - fun love pun - "You are the apple pie of my eye"

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DIY Pie Stencil Puns | http://studiodiy.com

DIY Pie Stencil Puns

At the Epicurean, we love a good pie almost as much as we love a good pun. Elevate your food puns to the next level with these DIY Pie Stencil Puns.

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I only have pies for you pie pies meatpie applepie americanpie pun puns punny

DIY Pie Stencil Puns | studiodiy.com

DIY Pie Stencil Puns

Do you love desserts with crescent rolls ? Try this Apple Pie Bites made with crescent rolls, apples & pecans.

Easy Apple Pie Bites

I Love Apple PI Vinyl Decal for Macbooks and More.... $3.99, via Etsy.

Pi: "I (heart) pi-symbol" DECAL to surround the apple emblem on a laptop to make it read "I love apple pie"

"Pietosis" Bahahahaha.  From Blaaargh on Imgur.  Want to try this with Apple & Strawberry Rhubarb!

Pietosis. Also, Imgur just asked me for a caption to upload this picture - hopefully that won't become a permanent thing.

Hahaha oh my gosh so funny/punny! Venn piagram ans pietosis (actualy it's more like pieosis because the pies (or " cells") are differant)

the venn pieagram - for maths teachers everywhere...Ok, THAT's funny!!

I realize it's a bit late for pi day, but here's my proudest creation: The Venn Piagram.