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Breast Cancer Tattoos Breast cancer tattoos are a symbol of resistance and support. It doesn’t matter if the wearer has cancer themselves, or if they are honoring a loved one!

This guy's work is beautiful. | @dgilsontattoo : Breast cancer ribbon -  #tattoo…

love the loose-ness and how it incorporated more than 1 color by having them bleed together. And how it’s not outlined. I don’t necessarily like how stripy it is but I like everything else

like This sort of idea , The ribbon looks delicate - though I'm not ...

Possible new tattoo. Will be in lavender (general cancer colour) for friends and family who have lost the battle or are still fighting. Have a really good friend fighting right now and my grandfather passed away from cancer.

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Pink Ribbon Butterflies Light T-Shirt

This is the style I want my pink ribbon tattoo to be :) for my Grandmama who passed away from breast cancer and my aunts on both sides of my family who survived it.

A Black Woman's Guide To Breast Cancer Awareness

It's breast cancer awareness month! PLEASE get checked. If you have breast cancer that runs in your family, then get tested for the gene linked to breast cancer.

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BUTTERFLY ORANGE RIBBON  | Ribbon Color Tattoo for Cancer : Pink Ribbon Tattoos Butterfly

Ribbon butterfly tattoo- I want to get 3 pink (breast cancer-mom), orange (self harm-me), and thin blue with thick black outline (police-when I graduate the academy)