Orange + Pink

Pink and orange is not usually my favorite color combo, but this has me craving summer fruits.

Pink With Yellow, color block with mirror in the middle- need to figure out logistics if this would work

Mirror Sculptures to Make You Look and Look Again

Tumble into the abyss with artist Sarah Meyohas' endlessly reflexive mirror sculptures

Rested | Reposé


dainty socks.

I wanted to add this picture to my mood board as I think it sums me up, I don't like to blend in with the crowd and I think it's good to do things that make you stand out. (Also, I collect cool socks so why not put that in)

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visual pops that use a different bright color as their white space (font color…

Wedding Palette

Delicate shades of pink with yellow highlights and silver lines are the perfect combination for basic clothes of any girl. Warm pastel hues are ideal for w