Pinky promise by Hello Tattoo

65 Charming Tattoo Designs All Introverts Will Appreciate

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This heart tattoo may be tiny –– and surprisingly detailed, and anatomically correct –– but it's giving us major feels.

If you and your BFFs know each other better than anyone (yep, those little pink promise secrets, too), then a design like @catherinepizarro's is the trendy option to hop on board with, stat. It's a dainty reminder that you'll always be there for each other—and that's a pinky promise.

15 Matching BFF Tattoos That Are Better Than A Friendship Necklace

Best friends are forever--and so is getting inked. The BFF tattoo is the step up from the BFF necklace, and we've picked out some of the best designs for besties that are partners in crime.