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One popular tattoo design that you may find interest in is the koi tattoo. Although koi tattoos are not a main stream tattoo symbol, there is still a popularity for the tattoo. Koi fish tattoos are worn by both men and women. Just like all animal.

Finally found my favorite image put to skin.  I think I might get this with orange and blue fish.

Koi fish for a beautiful Pisces tattoo! If have one fish in purple and blue and the other in red and orange for my husband (who is a Leo)

Hermoso Pez Rojo &Pez Azul

Pez Rojo &Pez Azul

SO beautiful! I never wanted a beta fish tattoo until I saw this. Sarah de Azevedo beta fish back

Pisces Tattoos | InkDoneRight  Pisces Tattoos most often (but not always) take the form of two fish, swimming away from one another or in different directions but connected by a...

Pisces Tattoos

Pisces tattoos are inked by someone who belongs to the zodiac of Pisces. People whose birthdays are between of February to of March are Pisces. People who are born under this zodiac sign are known to be the&

there is something so beautiful about a koi fish

Koi fish tattoo designs is a word for Japanese carp.It is used to ink as a tattoo design.It is a beautiful fish of japan and available in beautiful colors and thus every fish color make a one unique tattoo design.

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Definitely getting this koi fish tattoo on my foot at sometime! Always wanted a Koi fish and i love these colors

Pisces Fish Tattoo TShirt (*Partner Link)

Pisces Fish Tattoo TShirt (*Partner Link)