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Funny pictures about Real Life Pocahontas. Oh, and cool pics about Real Life Pocahontas. Also, Real Life Pocahontas photos.

This is the best Disney Princess make-up look I've seen yet. It's done so that it's clean and subtle enough to wear in the daytime but distinct enough so you can tell it's Pocahontas

Tutorial inspirado nas cores da Pocahontas (Pausa para Feminices)

Pocahontas. I feel like she doesn't get enough recognition... She is truly one of my favorite princesses.

Pocahontas (Disney)

In place of a wedding ring, Pocahontas is given her deceased mother's wedding necklace, and she wears it throughout most of the film. She wears form-fitting, off-the-shoulder buckskin that would be as much at home in Beverly Hills as in Jamestown.

How to Make a Disney's Pocahontas Costume (with Pictures)

How to Make a Disney's Pocahontas Costume (with Pictures)

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Do not dress up as an Indian or Halloween as it is offensive to many Native American tribes .