21 Weight Watchers Snacks Under 5 Points Plus

These 21 Weight Watchers Snacks Under 5 Points Plus! They are perfect for helping to curb your hunger while on the Weight Watchers Plan!

When you get tired of the same zero point vegetable soup, try the Weight Watchers zero points taco soup recipe. It has zero plus points and is very filling.

Weight Watcher's Zero Points Taco Soup Recipe

Vegetable soup recipes are great if you are dieting because they can fill you up and offer plenty of nutrients. You can enjoy them as a snack or meal. But what happens when you are starting to get tired of having the same soup each time? This Weight Watch

Mexican Chicken and Rice Casserole (6 Points+) - Weight Watchers Recipes

Salsafied Chicken and Rice "A delicious combination of chicken, salsa, and rice to spice up any night at your dinner table.