The bees begin to build the comb from the top of each section. When a cell is filled with honey, the bees seal it with wax.

Honey Comb Building Process: In a top bar hive there is no foundation. The bees begin building honeycomb at the top of the hive box. They draw it down towards the floor of the hive. So, the older comb is always towards the top of the hive.

Red-winged Blackbird; Ottawa, Ontario by Ted Busby. Love these outstanding and very vocal birds who visit out feeders!

Really miss the sound of the Red-Winged Black Bird; can't wait to hear it again real soon. Ottawa, Ontario by Ted Busby.

All the Pokemon Ships! Some are so weird though

Imagine after Ash is done traveling all the regions and catching as many Pokemon as he can, he goes and buys Misty a new bike and surprises her with it and they and Brock just get together like the old times and hang out

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Weapons Guide.I really want Orcrist(Thorins blade), Bifurs board spear, and Kilis sword

Fakemon-Kiddling-Pyroat-Flairees  CAPX wiki

Fakemon wait why ISNT there a goat pokemon that looks cuter than skiddo or gogoat?

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Dragon Ball Z © of Akira toriyama character info: [link] Image restoration of Tapion from Dragon Ball Z series. Tapion - Dragon Ball Z


She is the watcher over The Light Side.She only helps them if The Light Side is badly injured.(Played By Me)(Female)<<<<<No that's a Articuno