Some of the best quotes I've encountered in Pokémon. There is no way it's just for kids

This is deep stuff! The krabby one made me burst into tears<<<< I never knew Pokemon told life lessons.

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One hot meme

Funny pictures about Motivational Pokémon Posters. Oh, and cool pics about Motivational Pokémon Posters. Also, Motivational Pokémon Posters.

The world pushes us without mercy and when some push back the world points and cries "EVIL"

Mewtwo quote

"I'm evil so why can't you see this." "Because the world pushes us to our breaking point and when someone pushes back it marks them as evil. There for your not evil you're just a fighter.

Once you figure out that the most important opinion in your life is YOURS and that no one can play your part for you (no matter how much better you think they are), there's little sense in living without staying true to your best self and all the dreams it has :) (any pain you feel is just your mind/body/soul indicating the specific growing/understanding needed to proceed on that particular path).

9 Quotes from Pokémon That Will Inspire You

make it come true! Make your wonderful dream a reality, and it will become your truth! If anyone can, it's you"

Pokemon Love Poem, cause I'm a Brokemon! (sigh)

my girlfriend sent me this today...

Pokemon Love Poem (Valentine's is near, so my apologies for all the mushy-gushy photos xD)

9 Quotes from Pokémon That Will Inspire You

9 Quotes from Pokémon That Will Inspire You

Grovle, the awesomest dude in the mystery dungeon games said this and it really has a lot of meaning.

Our favorite childhood song

Our favorite childhood song