Exactly what it is. Please vote blue and give Obama a congress that will work with him. Encourage others to do the same.

Jobless Benefits

Funny pictures about Jobless Benefits. Oh, and cool pics about Jobless Benefits. Also, Jobless Benefits photos.

Don the $Con$ Trump we HATE you!

How cartoons portrayed the Women’s March and Trump’s historic weekend - The Washington Post

great political cartoon

great political cartoon in which this can be seen as both ironic and "deeply serious" it's criticizing the awareness of the public or the people with how much power they actually have against "powerful" people.

Yet another reason why I homeschool. (This one is more true that humorous...)

ENCORE CARTOON: Dismal learning is not the path to success

Cartoon that shows children taking test. The teacher says come away from the window. You don't want to be a Child Left Behind do you?

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Our long wait for Obama to re-enter the scene is almost over. On October he and the four other living ex-Presidents will be hosting a One America Appeal fundraising concert in College Station, Texas. The message will be unifying — which flies.

Anti-Americans like Antifa leftist sure hate the flag and what it represents but don’t mind the benefits. Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

Anti-Americans like Antifa leftist sure hate the flag and what it represents but don’t mind the monthly benefits. Political Cartoon by A.

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to screw the people we go....

It's time for both parties to stop the silly blame games. They are both responsible for the failing economy. Only by stopping the blame game can we start fixing the economy.

Election 2016 political cartoons | Page 2 | Spacebattles Forums

"We need to elect Republicans to,keep our daughters safe from pervert men wearing wigs barging into women's restrooms." This is called irony folks.

Political Cartoons of the Week: The Transfer

Political Cartoons of the Week

political cartoons | Student Loan Debt - Political Cartoon

Political Cartoons of the Week

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The First Illegal Immigrants

In the political cartoon its showing where we basically started. The cartoon in itself shows that we basically all stated as immi.

Recently the twinkie was discontinued and this cartoon was made to make humor of the fact that the twinkie is in high demand now that it is getting discontinued.

Political Cartoons of the Week

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Drumpt at his finest!

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