Eco-Saturday: DIY pond filter

Putting the scouring pads around between the pump and batting will reduce drag on pump. Also keep the holes in bucket large for good water flow

Is Your Pond Water Murky? You Need This Trick.

Is your garden pond water gross and murky like pea soup instead of sparkling, clear the way it should be? I came up with this simple, fast method for clearing the water after trying numerous, slower methods like traditional biofilters. They can be benefic

How to Install a Water Garden Pond

Installing a water garden pond doesn't have to be left to the professionals. Home gardeners have many techniques and options to choose from, and can easily install their own ponds. Read to find out how.

Eco-Saturday: DIY pond filter

The motor in my pond’s all-in-one pump and filter burned up a few weeks ago, as…

How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool - DIY

Home to frogs, pond skaters and dragonflies, natural pools are a treasure trove kids love to explore.

Build a Pond Filter System

Cheap Pond Filter, cheaper then buying from Lowe's or Home Depot, use with bird bath.

Backyard Ponds Ideas, Backyard ponds for small backyards can be built in different options of backyard ponds with fountains, streams and waterfalls by applying simple DIY prefer

The Clear Water Trick that Improves Murky Pond Water in Hours

See how to cllean up murky pond water within a few hours without any chemicals polluting the water. Muddy water becomes clear with just a few household items

Aquascape 77006 Pond Filter Urn

The Pond Filter Urn is a seamless presentation of form and function. Say good bye to digging an area for a bio filter or awkward out of place pressure filters. The Pond Filter Urn can be placed easily

Man in Barrel Spitter w/ pump

Homemade Filter for my duck pond. Thinking of getting a small solar kit to run the pump so I dont need to run power waaaaay out to the duck pen.