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Have you heard of fidget spinners? Originally introduced as a fidget tool for kids with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder, they have exploded in popularity with kids everywhere! My boys heard about the
4 popular craft booth layouts

4 Booth Designs and Layout

16 String Art Masterpieces That You Will Have To See
Really easy papercraft rose (Paper rose) It’s not as cool as Kawasaki’s rose or Sato’s rose but it’s at least really easy to make. I made it using the technic of the popular lotus model. I hope you like it! Thanks for following!
DIY-Badebomben - super Geschenk für die beste Freundin und dabei noch so einfach zu machen!

How to Make Amazing DIY Bath Bombs -

Here's a fun, cheap, and easy craft, inspired by Pinterest! This is a popular craft on Pinterest, and I just had to try it out! Thankfully, ...
You might have heard of whirlygigs before, they are a classic craft that has been around for generations. Apparently even the Native Americans had their own version of this toy as early as 500…