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Creating My “War Room”

Another snow day, I am sensing a Tuesday theme! Joel had to make a run over to the girl’s school and pick up Violet early, the weather is taking quite the turn – nasty freezing rain i…

The Four Directions

Cherokee Native Americans- Calling the Four Directions

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Someone seriously loves their saints. Add photos of family and friends to remember to pray for them

"Soul, put aside the wicked sleep of laziness, and persevere with sincere vigilance in the Lord's commands. The torch-bearing Bridegroom is drawing near; let us hasten to greet Him!" (Triodion, First Week of Lent, Tuesday)

Create a space in your home for prayer and spiritual reading with these 4 easy steps.

How to Create a Home Prayer Corner in 4 Easy Steps

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An icon corner is an essential feature of any Orthodox house. It becomes the family's place of worship – the home altar.

Sister praying, from 'Carmel de la Vierge Missionnaire',/Val St Joseph-Les Pradiers,  Teyssières , 26-220 DIEULEFIT, France

Sister praying, from 'Carmel de la Vierge Missionnaire',/Val St Joseph-Les…

Meditation Room Ideas | Places for meditation at home. #HomeGoods #DesignHappy #Meditation

Meditation in Progress: 5 Ideas for a Quiet Space

DIY UNFINISHED BASEMENT DECOR: "The Woman Cave" Guest Room / Office / Meditation Nook in the basement! Welcome to the"Woman Cave"! Most feminine room in house. EXTRA closet space re-purposed into a meditation nook. A place you could hang out in for hours.