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This Insight from Lstiburek dives into "high risk walls" that are impermeable to water vapor, and how these interior insulated walls lead to many issues.

Concrete slabbed staircase design // Architecture, Living Space & Furniture Inspiration #06

Architecture, Living space & Furniture Inspiration #06

KAIROS / João Quintela + Tim Simon Attention to detail I guess the idea was that the stair can be a part of building skin. For that, the architect made new type of stair. Actually the stair does not exist itself.

Precast concrete façade panels at Burntwood School

The most striking element of the design of Burntwood School is the faceted reinforced precast concrete panels

White concrete panels with a wrinkled surface by ALA Architects

The existing Kuopio City Theatre is a modernist building by architects Helmer Stenros and Risto-Veikko Luukkonen. The expansion includes a new studio stage with flexible seating and stage mechanics.

placas de concreto larguras variadas

Office Solvas / GRAUX & BAEYENS architecten

Have always loved this bottle green/blue color pink Office Solvas / GRAUX & BAEYENS architecten Twin Trees Pavilion / Atelier Archmixing.