Two practice worksheets, front and back, for students to create new words using prefixes and suffixes. Use as an independent activity, at a center,.


Prefixes: Un Pre Re Dis

Language strand - This resource contains a variety of prefix activities that address the content descriptors and from year three and two.

Clip A Prefix Freebie! Get students to interact with prefixes and base words in this simple low-prep activity. Includes a free recording sheet and prefix reference cards!

Word Identification 1 Students will be given popsicle sticks with a word written on it. The clothespins have prefixes and the students must match the correct prefix with the word to make the word make sense.

Exploring Affixes:  Write the affix down.  Give an example of a basic word with that affix.  Eg.  DIS  - Dislike.   As a class, figure out what it may mean and write down the definition.  Students brainstorm examples of other words with those affixes and use dictionaries to see if there is a common meaning for the affix.

Exploring Prefixes - Kids figure out what the prefix means and write definition. They will then brainstorm examples of other words with the same prefix.

prefix reference posters- easy to read. Perfect to display during your word studies! So many other great ideas for teaching prefixes in this post as well.

Prefix activities

MORPHOLOGY - A teacher focuses on teaching a third grade class prefixes. She made these posters describing prefixes and then had the class think of words they knew that had prefixes in them.

FREE Vocabulary Builder Flip-book when you sign up for my newsletter! Excellent reference for the most common prefixes, roots, and suffixes!

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This would help with the organization of lessons as well as helping the students to keep a kids of what they have learned.