A golden pretzel necklace DIY made from clay

DIY: golden pretzel necklace - pretty much my favorite food in this entire universe

Two Different Ways to Make Pretzel Necklaces                                                                                                                                                     More


Pretzel Necklaces for Beer Festivals

10 Beer Fest Essentials

The ultimate Oktoberfest accessory? A #DIY pretzel necklace, of course!

Make your own Oktoberfest necklace

Snacklace! Beer festival pretzel necklace masterpiece by babsinatl.

Beer festival pretzel necklace masterpiece by babsinatl.Ok Jason, Laura, Lisa & Mark: I think this might be the one!

Pretzel necklace for brewfest snacking

Necklace snack for the letter "N" week. Maybe add grapes or something else

Pretzel necklace compition - Google Search

The craft beer culture is thriving in Michigan. But how exactly is that culture defined? Among other things, with pretzel necklaces.