"The headlines say that Diana is dead, she couldn't act much but she put on a show, she always smiled even when she felt low, I used to fancy her a long time ago." - The Kinks

June Princess Diana at the Smith's Lawn polo grounds in Windsor. In this photo Diana looks so young and so beautiful! Her little boy Harry is due to arrive in September!

News of the World: DIANA DEAD | August 31, 1997 | Such a beautiful and compassionate young woman and mother.

Diana influenced many with her fashion and after her death it could have influenced more to dress the same. News of the World: DIANA DEAD

princess diana : by mario testino May she forever watch over and protect her sons. God Bless Lady Diana Spencer the People's Princess

Testino photographed Diana Princess of Wales in five months before she tragically passed away. Testino was chosen to photograph her i.

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A tragic cover hit stands on Aug. which read "Diana Dead: Princess, boyfriend killed in Paris paparazzi car chase." The cover included photos of Lady Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed.

Princess Diana Death Scene | Princess Diana and Dodi al-Fayed can be seen in the back of their car ...

New conspiracy claim in Princess Diana death sparks talk

Terry Lenzner remembers his role in the civil rights movement, Watergate, and the investigation into Princess Diana’s death

princess diana mother theresa

Little Mother Teresa and her Large Heart

in 1997, Diana and Dodi Al Fayed was visiting Paris. They were spotted by the media and while trying to escape got into a horrible car accident. The driver had a heavy amount of drugs and alcohol in his system. At first Diana survived the crash but later succumbed to her injuries while on the operating table. The driver, Dodi Al, and the bodyguard died as well.

Princess Diana crash photos after the terribly accident in a Paris tunnel, August 1997

Princess Diana looking so pretty in lavender.

DIY Style for Creative Fashionistas

3 June 1994 HRH Diana, Princess of Wales wore this purple oversized hat by Philip Somerville to the Canadian memorial dedication in Green Park, London. The dress was a Catherine Walker suit .

princess+diana+death+photos | Princess Diana's death makes headlines - Princess Diana's Death: A ...

Princess Diana's Death: A look back at headlines that shook the world

DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES - Media coverage turns its attention to Queen Elizabeth II as the public continues to grieve the loss of Diana;