Try to understand the situation, and that there needs to be a choice.. You don't have to agree but you can accept and move on.

until our society decides to support women and children - stop blaming and shaming / pro-life / pro-choice / abortion

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Not pro-life at all. If you were pro-life then you'd donate to children's charities instead of harassing vulnerable women accessing abortion clinics.

But if it's a sprouting (fetus After 2 months or so) and no longer a seed, then it is cutting down the said tree

“But its still lost its potential” (last pinner) PRO CHOICE what happens if it was in the a bad growing area/condition?

Pro-birth, not pro-life. Forcing women to give birth, then demonising them when they need support....

This Is the Week the US Government Told Poor Women to Fuck Off

If you're preaching to "save the babies" but you're not willing to support the hungry, homeless, poor, foster, etc. children who are already in this world, then you need to get your priorities straight.

I have less problems with prolifers when they care about both sides of the equations

It's so irritating that people don't seem to understand this! All Americans have heard of prohibition and how horribly that worked out. And this isn't just drinking some bad liquor, if a backstreet abortion goes wrong, they could die.

Making abortion illegal doesn't stop abortions. It stops SAFE abortions. Stops a woman's right to choice.

Bodily autonomy is a human right- this is how that concept is applied to abortion, supporting pro-choice ideology.

27 Very Strongly Worded Messages The Women Of Texas Have For Rick Perry

"Just go to college. Learn to function on 4 hrs of sleep a day, starve 85% of the time, increase your anxiety, and pass all your classes. Give your degree to someone else."

"Just go to college. Learn to function on 4 hrs of sleep a day, starve 85% of the time, increase your anxiety, and pass all your classes. Give your degree to someone else."

This is why I identify as pro-choice. Your circumstances and health are quite frankly nobody's business but your own. If you need or want to get an abortion then you need to have a medically safe and Accessible! Method of receiving that procedure.

I am pro-choice not because I think abortion is a good thing, but because pro-choice policies have been proven again and again to actually DECREASE abortion rates, whereas pro-life policies INCREASE them.

"War on women's rights" protest in Los Angeles

If you can't trust women to make the best choice for them, why should we trust them with a child?

Money that is withheld from welfare and humanitarian programs is as anti-life as is the supposed "pro-choice" movement! BOTH are WRONG!!! #prolife

Atheistic Tendencies

People will argue hard for "pro-life" even though the unwanted birth of the child could lead to a starved and horrible life. "Pro-life" more like "pro-birth"

you're all for it until it "commits a crime" by walking down the street and some random ass cop comes and does something moronic, claiming the "thug" was doing something. and also until it needs help with education and insurance, but you just want to save that for yourselves.

They are pro hate it says NOTHING in the archaic Bible regarding abortion bc science wasn't that advanced yet if republicans were pro life they would be for birth control and sex education