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Guess The Baby Shower Guest Game

Free Printable Baby Shower Games #BabyShower

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

These Free Printable Baby Shower Games have something for everyone! Whether you want a quiet game or an interactive game, there are lots of links here to free printables.

Celebrity Mom baby shower game - so fun! Each guest gets a celeb mom stuck to their back. Ask yes or no questions to figure out who you are!

Guess the Celebrity Mom baby shower game. Stick a celebrity mom on guests backs and they have to ask yes or no questions to figure out who they are. Great ice breaker at the beginning of the party!

Cute idea for a game - Holly Do.: *Holly Create* Baby Shower

DIY Baby Shower: Amazing Decorations, Games, and Food!

Who's That Baby? Would be fun as a shower game, get baby pictures of mom and dad, see if people can guess which ones are mom, and which are dad.

Birth-12mos speech and language warning signs. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy.

Warning signs of a language/communication developmental delay

Baby shower game Pinned for BabyBump, the #1 mobile pregnancy tracker with the built-in community for support and sharing.

Fun celebrity baby name game for a Baby Shower.this would be a cute game since everyone already knows the name for her baby boy to be, we can play with celebrities names.

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I couldn’t bake real rain into a cupcake, but some blue food coloring and sprinkles almost do the trick! To make your own, just add a couple drops of blue food coloring or food gel to of your favorite vanilla cake batter.

Today we are looking at a few sites devoted to helping you sell your clothes online. And, these websites all have handy smartphone apps to make it easy!

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The Most Effective Homemade Scrub Against Cellulite and Stretch Marks! - Time For Natural Health Care

Door prizes: after guests address their Thank You card have them drop it in a bowl, host picks the winner from the bowl just before gifts are opened. Prize: gift cert, movie tickets, or? Also, created name tags for everyone to wear - origami diaper w/diaper pin, lotus flower, or other, guests write first name and relation to mom/dad/baby

Baby shower games: Door prize games

Boost Baby's Brainpower with Play: A look at some of the important life lessons learned through play.

Boost Baby's Brainpower with Play

40 Ways to Prevent Tantrums: A huge bag of tricks designed to distract kids and keep everyone happy. For my kids tantrums, not mine.

Have you ever noticed that the never ending controversy surrounding vaccination always seems to focus on the black or the white of the issue? The Black: Vaccinate your child and while you run the risk of vaccine injury, you can rest easy not worrying that your child may contract a potentially deadly disease such as...  Continue Reading »

Nosodes: Homeopathic Alternative to Vaccines

Modern Kiwi Rosanna Floral Printed Chiffon Poncho Caftan Tunic Yellow One Size: Vibrant florals decorate this Roseanna Caftan, featuring a round neck, elbow length sleeves, and seamed bodice to provide a flattering drape.

Comeback of the Year: Brass!

Comeback of the Year: Brass!