Elven Quiver-Style 1 *This would be great for a couple different characters. I like to think this arrangement is more convenient for fast-draw whilst dragonriding, but am torn between this and a lower-back quiver positioning as more common amongst the Teliinga.*

Elven Quiver-Style 1

Elven Quiver-Style 1 - bow and arrows

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I reworked the previous pattern I was planning to go with. After loading the cardboard mockup with some arrows, it just didn& look right.

I think Robyn and Milo are the ones that shoot arrows in this story.

Bows are the traditional Elven Weapon

DIY No Sew Arrow Quiver Tutorial from Capital B here. Really easy because a Pringles can is used as the quiver.

DIY No Sew Arrow Quiver Tutorial from Capital B here. Really easy because a Pringles can is used as the quiver. (Cool Crafts For Kids)

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Quick Quiver guide

Quick Quiver guide More Super Hero shirts, Gadgets

Need to make one- great idea for a bow quiver.

bow quiver for Ranger Cosplay

Sideplate Mount for Quiver

Sideplate Mount for Quiver tienda de arcos

Read. Write. Love.: How to Make a Quiver for a Katniss Everdeen Costume (Or For Everyday Use)

How to make a quiver tutorial. A quiver for a Hunger Games Katniss costume or everyday use.

Handmade leather quiver Get Recurve Bows at https://www.etsy.com/shop/ArcherySky

Hand made nomad boots, Hunarchery The Recurve Bow Store

Quiver  Indonesia (Java), 19th century  The British Museum

Dear Cupid, Sorry about stealing your awesome quiver, but you were asleep and…

Super Hunter Back Quiver....I want this for my other life as a non city person

Super Hunter Back Quiver-Kustom King Traditional Archery

Nice pattern - Númenórean quiver. Númenóreans were the Men of Númenor, descendants of the Edain of the First Age, who were granted the island of Elenna as a dwelling place. They turned against the Valar, and their island home was destroyed in the last years of the Second Age.

Not sure if practical for Bel arrows.

Medieval Leather Arrow Quiver How to Project

I think I'll be Robin Hood next year. :) Medieval Leather Quiver How to Project.

Art Young and Saxton Pope | Archery Equipment Patterns - Check out the watermarked website, as well!  It has some wonderful resources!

Art Young and Saxton Pope

3d shooting quiver - Archery Quivers and Bow Cases - Leatherworker.net

Beautiful leather quiver set-up.

Always ready, always prepared. www.ravenswoodleather.com #liveravenswood

Ava Busa- This is a good pin because it shows us exactly what robin hoods outfit would look like.