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39 Crazy-Beautiful Quotes From Instagram's Most Romantic Poet

"The right person, the wrong time. The right script, the wrong line. The right poem, the wrong rhyme, and a piece of you that was never mine." - K Towne Jr quote

25 Quotes about Strength

25 Quotes about Strength

25 Quotes about Strength I feel I have let the world and events in my life make me hard and hateful and bitter but I know I can't let things change the man I am I think God made women for this purpose to be soft to help with pain to be sweet.

34 Quotes about First Love Everyone Has to Read ...

34 Priceless Quotes 💭 about First Love 💘 for an Instant Feel Good Fix 😊 ...

So true and I'm one lucky girl. Because I got to marry my first love as well as spend the rest of my life with him.

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that kiss was the best thing she'd ever experienced. not the rush of fighting crime, not the power of her rituals. and thats what made it so painful- thats what broke her heart. and yet she stayed for as long as she could.

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The idea of forbidden love is found between Nicholas and Etta. They come from families who are at war, as well as from different time periods. In Nicholas' time a man and a woman of different races was also looked down on.

Saddest Quotes About Lost Love: Sometimes It Is Better To Keep Silent Than To Tell Other What You Feel A Quotes About Lost Love

Sometimes it’s better to keep silent than to tell others what you feel, Because it hurts badly when you come to know that they can hear you, but can not understand.

~ Take me to Paradise.. Corfu Island, Greece ~ Tips voor een vakantie op Corfu

She was the only person that loved me with honesty, and I broke her. I hope you realize this one day Luis, you broke my heart.