Rain Illustration

ID, Oleh: Heri Ruslan Hujan merupakan anugerah yang diberikan Allah SWT bagi semua makhluk di alam semesta.

First rainy day this winter spurred lots of questions from pre-schooler: Will the mailman still come? Can the dog still go for a walk? Will... http://handcraftpinterest.blogspot.com

LIVING ROOM (me on one side, Jason on other + Grace in front of me splashing in puddle + Rider racing across scene) jorey hurley: Photo

Rain illustration Black rain Black ink drawing by NicolasJolly

grade drawing technique example: Amazing Drawings of ‘fingerprint’ Technique by Nicolas Joly

Lizzie Mackay ♥ Loved by www.miekinvorm.nl || illustration + design

(Lizzie Mackay)

Corey Egbert Illustration//

pretty awful unless you're inside and cozy . or if you must be outside, it's not too bad with some awesome people or by yourself on an introspective, rain-embracing or internally-sunny day (Corey Egbert)