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Skeleton Armies, Still Metal

quarkmaster: “ Mercenary I got a lot of fun, when i practiced a new technique in this week ! Especially i would like to thank Anna Grzelak,for the awesome stuff, which she had allowed to use for this artwork.

A ranger of the north. The last remnants of the lost Kingdom of Arnor.

Concept for Sev of Gray, Master of The Gray "Ranger of the north - WIP by ~Kaaile on deviantART"

Imperial Ranger (Fantasy Scout Trooper redesign), Conor Burke on ArtStation at

conorburkeinsp:Imperial Ranger in the Endorian Forest (Fantasy redesign Scout Trooper). My third entry to the Brainstorm group Star Wars redesign challenge.

concept art Carlnes by on @DeviantArt

concept art Carlnes by on @DeviantArt

Always ready, always prepared. #liveravenswood

Ava Busa- This is a good pin because it shows us exactly what robin hoods outfit would look like.

along, zuoan dong on ArtStation at

m Ranger Royal Army Scout Leather Cloak Sword Longbow desert wilderness plains zuoan-dong-finish.