Still gotta work on this. I'm quick tempered so trying to be non-defensive is hard.

If people are horrible to you, if people tear you down they will get what they deserve. But how you act determines your fate too

I seriously need to listen to this more. I'd love to save some people the heartache but unfortunately it seems they just wanna learn their lesson the hard way.

How to Deal With Passive-Aggressive People

You can't change a passive aggressive person - you can only control how you react to their behavior. (If this isn't the best truth I have seen in a while yes!

I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn't need a reaction.

Don't waste your time. Some people will say anything to make you angry or to get a reaction. They have no power over you if you don't pay attention to them

This is so true! You get to say yes and no, you create your environment and your life! It isn't forced on you and I wish more people would really pay attention to what they are accepting and what they are forcing themselves to live.

And it's up to you to choose who you let into your life. I respect your decision, and I can finally say I am at peace with it. I will always love you, will continue to send my love to you, but if you say 'Stop' I will understand xxx

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Now isn't that better than "love the uneducated". Hell w the way things are going none of us will be educated. Between soaring costs of college/higher learning, student debt crisis & Devos as education Czar, we need Bernie's Now

A big part of emotional intelligence is being able to feel an emotion without having to act on it. Fun Psychology facts here.

[no need for acting out on negative, nasty or revengeful emotions - demonstrates maturity] smh ‍♂️