"real" isn't who's with you at your celebration. "real" is who's standing next to you at rock bottom

I long to celebrate your highs but you shut me out. I'd love to hear your day to day thoughts and dreams but I don't fit in, I'll pick you up when you are falling but the call never comes. Even though I'm a speck in your life, my life is a speck compared

Learned that over the past few years - people  disappoint you . When you needed to talk to them  and they turn their back on you as if you're  a nothing.  Learn some compassion ... sometimes it  is not always about you . I hope you remember  who was there for YOU  when times were tough

Everybody isn't your friend . Just because they hang around you and laugh with you doesn't mean they are your friend. At the end of the day, real situations expose fake people, so pay attention. Let the church say AMEN!