Here are 38 real haunted houses along with the stories behind them

38 Real Haunted Houses and the Stories behind Them

8 Haunted Houses You Can Actually Visit and 9 Real American Murder Houses

From possessed plantations to the home of a grisly axe murder, take a spine-chilling tour of these real haunted houses across the country.

The Undead. Ghosts. Zombies. Blood and gore. Things that go bump in the night. What if they were all around you, and you had nowhere to hide, no escape fro

Americas Haunted House Guide - Dare to Get Scared

Northern Colorado's "Real" Haunted Houses. Goat Farm. This place would give anyone the creeps! I have been here and can say first hand, that this place is scary!

Northern Colorado's "Real" Haunted Houses

I being a person from Northern Colorado, my friends and I would get together during halloween and go visit supposed locations of hauntings. If you're thinking about visiting Fort Collins, co. I have a few places, you might want to go to scare.

The 7 World's Scariest REAL Haunted Houses - (scariest haunted houses, scariest houses)

7 Scariest REAL Haunted Houses - scariest haunted houses, real haunted houses

Real Life Haunted Houses | Amityville House by Spio1 on deviantART - Google Chrome_2013-10-09_11 ...

Be inspired to craft your own chilling graphic designs with these 10 wicked designs featuring real haunted places.

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Here Are The Most Haunted Spots In All 50 States. They'll Give You Nightmares.

Molly Brown House, Denver, CO - was built in the 1880's and is famous for it's previous owner, the "Unsinkable Molly Brown". Once set for demolition, it has been preserved and restored, and now serves as a museum. Activity includes shades opening and closing on their own, shadow figures, the smell of cigar smoke (non-smoking house - Molly's husband was known as a heavy cigar smoker) and apparitions.

The Molly Brown House Museum in Denver, Colorado. was the home of Margaret Brown aka "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" who survived the sinking of the Titanic.

Real Haunted Houses | Haunted House Stories with Videos

Chilling Real-Life Haunted House Stories

Thinking of investing in a haunted building? This guide to buying a real haunted house, written by a veteran ghost hunter, will help you navigate the pitfalls of paranormal property.

New Orleans, LA - You have to walk through a graveyard to get to this house, which was once the home of a mortician named Ravencroft. He was known to have experimented with live and dead bodies, draining them in order to discover immortality. Its known as the most active haunted house in the country by some paranormal experts, and its the site of a big annual blood drive.

The Devil's House. It stands to this day, a fading monolith, bereft of all sense of time and mortality. A victim of modernization and the telltale passing of the years, what once was a grand home is now merely a shell. New Orleans Haunted Vampire House!

Real Haunted Houses of Coles County | Mysterious Heartland

Real Haunted Houses of Coles County | Mysterious Heartland

11 "Real" Haunted Houses to Visit—If You Dare!

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