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tool/organizer to help your students who are just learning or are struggling with their multiplication facts. Great tool for your visual learners. Student follows the arrow on a number. They count the smaller numbers (multiples) as they move along the large number to determine multiplication answer.

Numbers for skip counting and multiplication Here's a set of number organizers that show multiples of each number inside the number outline. These might be interesting pieces in student notebooks.

Fact Families - Love how it's the "boss number" and the "worker numbers"!  Cute!

Great math charts on Mrs. Zimmerman's Learning Conservatory including this great visual for Math Fact Triangles. Love the concept of the Boss Number and the Worker Numbers!

Personal Word Wall. Every time a student asks you to spell a word, you write it in.

Personal Word Walls - keep in student's writing folders. *could be a separate small book for students to add in fancy words or new vocabulary as a reference when writing*

Top 25 Tools and Foods to Teach Fractions (see also entire pinboard of real-world examples). No doubt I'll be using this even in high school.

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Top 25 Tools and Foods to Teach Fractions-Chart - Need some ideas on tools and foods you can use to teach fractions? This chart lists 25 top tools and 25 top foods to teach fractions.

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt (Hard Cover)

The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt (Hard Cover)

Fishpond Australia, The Day the Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers (Illustrated ) Drew Daywalt. Buy Books online: The Day the Crayons Quit, ISBN Oliver Jeffers (Illustrated by) Drew Daywalt

Divisibility Rules Worksheets { Multiples and... by Promoting Success | Teachers Pay Teachers

Divisibility Rules, 4th Grade Division Worksheets, 5th Grade Math Review Sheets

Number Theory Math Unit Contents: Math Definitions Math Divisibility Rules Prime or Composite Factors Prime Factorization Greatest Common Factor methods!) Least Common Multiple Math Number Theory Practice and Enrichment Sheets

Place Value. This would be neat to do during fall and have something for the kids to show off in the hall or in the classroom! Love this idea for 3-digit numbers as well!

Halloween Place Value: standard form - expanded form - word form on candy corn!

First Grade Buddies: Ten Pin Linky: Math Ideas

All About Me Math- modify for middle school to have students think about breaking down numbers

An Apple For The Teacher: My Students are Kicking Their Math Facts (And Learning Them Too)! Contest and Freebie Too!

An Apple For The Teacher: My Students are Kicking Their Math Facts & Learning Them Too! Fun and motivating way to help students learn their math facts! Could be done with addition/subtraction for younger kiddos.

Inspired-in-Second Shop - | Teachers Notebook - Addition on a Number Line

Students will learn how to Add on a Number line. This worksheet assess students ability to use a number line to help them add numbers together. This worksheet addresses the standard adding and subtracting within

Here's a nice anchor chart on different multiplication strategies.

Multiplication Mastery Madness!

Teaching With a Mountain View: Multiplication Anchor Charts - I especially like the math charts (multiplication, perimeter, area, fractions)