Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes

use devils food cake mix. put a frozen mini reeses in middle. Has to be frozen or it will just melt in batter. But the peanut butter frosting is soooooooo goooooood.

Reese's Cupcakes

Double Reese's Cupcakes are a chocolate/peanut butter lovers dream. With a hidden peanut butter cup on the bottom and a delicious peanut butter frosting.

Reese's Cupcakes

Reese's Cupcakes - chocolate cupcakes stuffed with Reese's, topped with peanut butter buttercream frosting and finished with chopped Reese's

Chocolate and peanut butter are by far one of the most delicious combinations. Feed this addiction by making Reese's cupcakes!

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The ultimate Reese’s Cupcake! With swirled chocolate peanut butter cake and swirled chocolate peanut butter buttercream and topped with a reese’s peanut butter cup!

Reese’s Cupcakes

The Ultimate Reese’s Cupcake recipe from scratch! Rich chocolate chocolate batter swirled with peanut butter batter, topped with swirled chocolate and peanut butter buttercream and topped a peanut butter cup!

NEW Reese's Peanut Butter Cupcakes Recipe! Easy Homemade Cupcakes Recipe for a chocolate peanut butter cup dessert recipe for birthdays or holiday celebrations!

Reese Cup Cupcakes Chocolate cake Peanut butter filling Peanut butter chocolate buttercream icing top with crushed Reese Cups

Reese's Cupcakes

sprinkle w/reese's pieces .Double Reese's Cupcakes with an incredible peanut butter frosting and a peanut butter cup hidden on the bottom.