Excellent educational (not to mention fun) activity for kids! Learn to make and take care of your own composting worm bin.

Excellent educational (not to mention fun) activity for kids! Learn to make and take care of your own composting worm bin. - Tap The Link Now To Find Decor That Make Your House Awesome

The Urban Worm Company helps new vermicomposters get off the ground with the new addiction. And we also give a little help to folks who want to make vermiculture and vermicomposting into a business as well!

Actionable Info for Natural Health Enthusiasts

Learn the basics of vermicomposting and vermiculture and shop for worms, worm castings, and worm bins in our online store.

A great summertime project for my son. Collect rocks from the river then paint how he wants!

20 Genius DIY Garden Ideas on a Budget

There are some great budget friendly, backyard DIY projects in here. Our favourite is the painted garden rocks, get the kids or grandkids to help for extra fun!

All About Growing Blueberries: Growing blueberries isn’t as difficult as you might think. Read how to grow blueberry bushes suited to your climate and how to properly prepare your soil’s pH to harvest homegrown, antioxidant-rich berries all summer long.

All About Growing Blueberries - Organic Gardening

You can forage or grow the fixin& for ground-cherry pie, an almost forgotten treat from grandmother& day.

10 Facts I Learned About Earthworms …. the best composter in the garden!

10 Facts You Always Wanted to Know about Earthworms but Never Bothered to Ask #vermicomposting #composting #garden

EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAYS with this page. Earthworms - Earthworms are fascinating tiny creatures with amazing powers. This highly informative infographic will surely spur your students’ interest in earthworms.

Bug and Insect STEM Roundup

Bug and Insect STEM Roundup (Science Buddies Blog)

Hands-on STEM projects for students that want to get hands-on with insects, worms, and other species in the backyard. Take advantage of warmer weather and time outside for bug, worm, or flying in

composting in an apartment

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How to Compost inside your apartment Small space gardening. maybe not inside the apartment but maybe on the patio.

I really just want to know more about these tropical velvet earthworms

Gotta try this At least its better than staying in awkward silence all the time each person expecting the other to carry out the conversation

Science for Kids: Planting and Growing Seeds and Kitchen Scraps with Kids in Preschool - Pre-K Pages

Science for Kids: Planting and Growing in Preschool