I don't hate my job that much but this response was hilarious! Lol

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everyone should work retail just once to learn how difficult people can be/ respect your retail workers! The customers are the hardest part of the job. -_- *also, just smile with "dead" eyes, it gets them every time.

I think everyone in management can relate #Retail #Problems

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Being interrupted by another customer. | 28 Jokes That Prove Every Retail Job Is The Same

Being interrupted by another customer.

If you haven't fixed a display and had a customer ruin it 10 seconds later, have you ever actually worked in retail?

Retail problems

My weekend is the middle of the week. I haven't had an actual weekend off since I started

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seriously keep your hands to yourself.

Retail robin- Never heard that one before. I hear this every single day of my life. If I had just a penny for every time I've heard that these last few years, yeah, let's just say I wouldn't be working retail still. Just sayin.