Robert Longo – “Men in the Cities” series (1979)

Men in the Cities, by Robert Longo (1979)

UNTITLED - from Men in the Cities Charcoal, graphite and ink on paper Robert Longo 96 x 60 x cm Collection the artist New York, NY

Robert Longo | "Men in the Cities" series

designcloud: “ Robert Longo UNTITLED 1981 Charcoal, graphite, and dye on paper 96 x 60 x cm From Men in the Cities, 1979 (Installation view) ”

Robert Longo. The last family I nannied for had a giant longo drawing in their house. Luckily I will always see these and think of their love

ROBERT LONGO Frozen in ice … buffeted by the forces of modern urban entropy … brawling … or just dancing?) Robert Longo’s Men in the Cities drawings, which were.

Robert Longo | "Men in the Cities" series

(Wo)Men in the Cities

Robert Longo, Untitled, Charcoal, graphite, oil and ink on paper. Men in Cities Series.

Yikes - I would NEVER put myself in a position to see that coming at me! Great White Shark

Hyper-Realistic Charcoal Shark Drawings

This is a charcoal drawing by Robert Longo. Really. And this is a view that I hope never to see in real life.

Hyper-Realistic Charcoal Shark Drawings

Robert Longo is an amazing artist focusing on hyperrealism at massive scale. Longo released a series of charcoal drawings centered around none other than the Great White Shark, titled "Perfect Gods".