Robert Smith (The Cure) and Siouxise (Siouxise and The Banshees)

Robert Smith (The Cure) and Siouxise (Siouxise and The Banshees). During a few years in the Robert Smith was indeed one of Sioux's Banshees.

Robert Smith

Most people feel so conditioned, so oppressed by everything that goes on around them that they just give in. You have to refuse to give in. — Robert Smith, The Cure, Melody Maker, March 1992

Love those high tops! | Robert Smith |

"so just pull on your hair/just pull on your pout/and let's move to the beat/like we know that it's over/if you slip going under/slip over my shoulder" The Cure, "Fascination Street" .OMG-THIS was the song in my head while browsing Cure pins.

Robert Smith, best pic ive ever seen of him. I wasn't in love w him just some of his songs

A very young Robert Smith from The Cure. You can't be a lil' goth girl and not worship this band ;