Amazing ‘Batman v Superman’ Robin Cosplay In Progress

Custom-Made Robin Suit. The clasps and the items on the belt were made with a printer.

Robin / Nightwing inspired cosplay face masks, hand made of urethane rubber…

Robin Nightwing Style Sidekick Superhero Hero Mask - For your costume (various colors available)

REALLY cool Red Hood cosplay

🎧I got a fever for violent behavior🎧Awesome pic taken by at a couple weeks ago. Holy crap does he make me look good.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, Dick Grayson Robin animation model sheet - Phil Bourassa

A riff on Dick Grayson in the classic Robin outfit for a flashback sequence in expertly voiced by the talented No matter how many times I design Robin for animation I never get tired of iterating on the character. Such a fun legacy!

A Simple Way To Make A Robin Mask

Mask with outline - robin mask

DC's Red Robin #Cosplay

and another Photo by: Edit: me costume + model: me helper: Red Robin - Gently In Your Face

Amazing One Piece X Avengers illustrations - very interesting to read the descriptions too!

Amazing One Piece X Avengers illustrations