California Rosy Boa

"Rosy Boa" by Bob Jensen - These are the sweetest lil snakes ever I love them!

Pretty and small. I want another snake.

saslowi curled on ground - View amazing Rosy boa photos - Charina trivirgata - on Arkive

Carlson Snow Rosy Boa

(Open) Lucian watched his precious Rosy boa, Vivaldi, curl into a ball. "You silly goose" He cooed in Italian and picked his baby up, letting him crawl on his arm. "Is my darling cold?

Albino Rosy Boa

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Rosy Boa, a small, slow, nonvenomous snake, popular as a pet snake.

The red diamond rattlesnake is one of the species of rattlesnakes commonly called diamondbacks.