10 Interesting Facts and Figures about the Royal Albert Hall You Might Not Know

The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall on the northern edge of South Kensington, in the City of Westminster, London, England, best known for holding the annual summer Proms concerts since

Royal Albert Hall and Memorial, London, we visited here September 7 th, 2013.  We had tickets to the 75 th anniversary of The Last Night of The Proms.

The Olympic city... at dawn: Golden images of the Houses of Parliament and London's other great landmarks bathed in morning sun

Albert Memorial & Royal Albert Hall -- This picture brings back so many memories of my trip to England! I stood right there at the foot of the Albert Memorial and then enjoyed a Proms concert at Royal Albert Hall!

Hyde Park, the Albert Memorial and the Royal Albert Hall, London

Hyde Park, the Albert Memorial, the Royal Albert Hall, London, and Imperial College > AKA my home this summer 😍

Royal Albert Hall, London, as viewed from the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens. This is a 36 segement stitch.

Royal Albert Hall, London - Nov 2012 - Victorian architecture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Royal Albert Hall

Free guided tour of The Royal Albert Hall with The London Pass. Don't miss one of London's most iconic buildings and one of the world's best performance venues.

Royal Albert Hall, London |

The Royal Albert Hall, London: spectacular venue, great acoustics, fab seating, entry-exit doors all around.