Ryan higa. TEEHEE. one of THE BEST youtubers :D

I dare you to say this in a deep manly voice. Also try imagining to big buff bouncers poking each other while saying this :)))

Nigahiga- Ryan Higa- Most Annoying People on the Internet- "I am a guy so of course late at night I am watching...NARUTO!"

So what if your a guy? I'm a girl, so of course I watch Naruto late at night. Doesn't matter if your boy or girl, we still watch Naruto late at night!

Ryan Higa for President..... We would have the best/dumbest president ever! Still love him

It’s time to elect a new president // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Logic of all preppy orange skinned, duck faced, clown looking girls at my school.

Ryan Higa- love this guy - no seriously girls actually do this. or write quotes that have nothing to do with the picture.