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Be like snow, beautiful but cold. You can be cold and still be beautiful. I try my hardest to be nice but I do have a rude/cold side when I'm pushed.

Chỉ vậy thôi.....

DIE on

The rose slowly falls apart as a relationship moves more and more away from each other

Podre tener tantas heridas pero al final siempre estare bien...

Podre tener tantas heridas pero al final siempre estare bien...

Anime girl, moon, light, butterflies, sad, water; Anime Girls

awesome Lying under the moonlight . [My Pin-friend Mi Smith found this lovely pi.

I fell pretty hard in love with you now I am left with you just talking about someone else I am left all by myself.... But love will kill me by each day... When you were gone you were all I could think about ...

"People who can keep their cool no matter what can persevere through anything." As I have grown older, I have realized I have always lacked a lot of composure as a person. Composure is something I .

Everything is grey but the tears are blue and this really portrays a sense of such powerful sadness. It's a beautiful piece of art

I like the emotion and then everything colored gray, and the tears blue. It really shows how sad this girl is, but I like it. It's just a beautiful piece of art

Me when one of my best friend leaves (yani)

(Open RP need boy told in boys point of view)I was sitting in my bed when my…