Depression sketch

A poor girl sitting on her own but little does she know that if she just turned around she would see all the people who truly love her for her.

Sad depression girl pencil drawing

Extrovert personalities were brought up in group. I realized, most of my friends think I'm flaky and that's just my personality. I've never communicated with them what my social anxiety feels like.

Resultado de imagen para drawings sad tumblr

Resultado de imagen para drawings sad tumblr

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genius,right here.I call this one "Green-Eyed VeryClose",because of her piercing eye shown,as well as the varicosity(?) of the story and trails the slashing lines tell.Beautiful and telling,as all great art is.DIG IT!

No matter what is going on, you matter, your darkness may play tricks on you, but you matter and one day you'll walk in the light

To all those who struggle in silence, to all those who live with the pain, to all those who hear depressions screaming whispers, you are not alone, I care.

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Sad yet great, overcoming depression quotes about love and life with beautiful images. Depressing Quotes and Sayings to get you out of that depression.