Lathering Lounge

Lathering Lounge - I love this, the shampooing service should be super relaxing and this would sooo enhance that, add in some aromatherapy and soft music!

I like this a lot!  looks like bubbles floating! // love this and everything on this post

DIY: This bubble chandelier was created in a wine bar for new years eve. Easy DIY project by hanging clear ornaments from the ceiling at varying heights then spot light it using track lighting turning it into a beautiful focal point source of light.

simple wood shelving and hanging plants

Missy Lui: A Toxic Free Nail Salon in Melbourne, Australia

Studio So Lara

Metal mesh curtains from Cascade Coil provide a clean looking room divider for the Studio So Lara.

Habit Beauty Salon 'Try Me Bar'

Habit Beauty Salon 'Try Me Bar' - Maybe some variation for makeup/retail area. Maybe we need cooler mirror for makeup bar - hang from ceiling over the bar?