Would LOVE to learn how to properly salsa dance. I do it, have won contests BUT I want to REALLLLY learn the craft ~salsa dancing

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Put on a Steamy Show For the Rainforest Fund

Revlon Concert for the Rainforest Fund. One day I would like my boyfriend or husband to do one legit dance with me. No petty dance. I mean a real choreographed danced.

Dance isn't about performing a perfect routine but about how your soul soared.  Salsa dancing course: http://onlinedancingcourses.weebly.com/salsa-dancing.html

Having fun salsa dancing Dance isn't about performing a perfect routine but about how your soul soared.

Benefis of Salsa dancing -♪♫ www.pinterest.com/wholoves/Dance ♪♫ #dance

To begin to develop excellent Salsa technique. To dance with confidence with my girl

3. Have fun! Dance Salsa. Make each day ridiculously amazing.

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Salsa Dancing with Styling for Ladies - how you can tell when to add flair

And now something for the ladies! This salsa dance video will provide the ladies a few styling tricks when social dancing with a good lead. Jocelyn will show.

I don't think God speaks like that. But IF  He did, this is what he would say :D

New club in Arlington, near The Salsa Room. Live salsa band that John Gutierrez told us about (April

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History of Latin Dance

The Tango in Argentina has a complex history and the exact origins of both the name and the dance are uncertain. However, one thing that is certain is that the origin of the tango in Argentina was strongly influenced by black African culture in the

Only Salseros understand #salsa #dance #dancer                              …

Downside of dance=understanding of what is said. Upside= I'm learning dance AND a new language.