Makeup Detail: It Came from the Deep Web by Khdd on DeviantArt

I totally forgot that I had taken this detail image of my previous upload of It Came from the Deep Web. The other one was a bit more cinematic than usua. Makeup Detail: It Came from the Deep Web

Halloween 2014: top 25 mind blowing and scary makeup ideas for women

Halloween 2014: top 25 mind blowing and scary makeup ideas for women

The emphasis here is definitely the large eyes that you often see on vintage dolls and puppets. The eyes should definitely be the key focus in my design.

11. Half Burned Face We think the eye makes this makeup look. Of course, the half burnt face looks great for Halloween but with the light coloured contact lens, it looks quite freaky! 12. Vampire Makeup Are you a Twilight fan? If you like vampires, go as one.  This is so easy to do and you …

21 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Scary Claw Marks Makeup for Halloween Faces you won't want to run into even on Halloween!

Bloody Scab Spirit Halloween Zipper Face

Awesome "Unzipped" Zipper Halloween Makeup Ideas

Best Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

20 Scary Halloween Makeup To Try This Halloween

The annual spooky night is here so check out these 30 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas–Creepy, Spooky and Horrifying Face Off Ideas for an extra spine chilling night.

Halloween is fast approaching and as we all know, the holiday favors monsters over mortals, hellhounds over humans, and carcasses over common men. While it’s true this is the only time of the year you can dress up to be just about anyone, or anything you like, Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without it’s assortment of terrifying creatures of the night. The ghost, the possessed skeleton, and the zombie, to name a few notable ones, truly dominate Halloween. So how do you become one of…

Scary Halloween Makeup Tutorials