Owls are fascinating birds, they move with an air of conviction that has gained them associations with wisdom for millennia - Barn owls are probably my favourite.

There's Muriel pretending to be shy again. Barn Owl: "Wise and Wonderful ~ In This Wondrous World." (Photo By: Nigel Pye.

Barn Owl by Christopher Pope

Barn Owl by Christopher Pope. This Australian wildlife artist does beautiful paintings!

Winter Barn Owl by barnowlcentre     From redbubble     via Bev Murphy

'Winter Barn Owl' by barnowlcentre. This is an image I took of one of the Barn Owls I have the pleasure of working with. This was taken in the winter of 2010 at the Barn Owl Centre,at a location on the farm.

Barn Owls:

KarenJeanMatsko Hood on

Barn Owl Family - its as if they were posing fir their family portrait.

Beautiful Wintry Cinemagraph Of An Owl In The Snow - Socks On An Octopus

Funny Gif Of The Day: And She's Dancing Like She's Never Danced Before

Cute gif of owl sitting in the snow. This owl in the picture loves snowfall, so he has decided to come out and enjoy it. If you are an owl lover, then this is

"Barn Owl" Again, I have never seen barn owls with these colors! They are simply beautiful...

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Owl Ring with Blue Sapphire Eyes barn owl animal by ElinaGleizer

Owl Ring with Blue Sapphire Eyes, barn owl, animal jewelry, silver owl Owl Ring with Blue Sapphire Eyes barn owl animal by ElinaGleizer

Snowy Owl #Animals Pets

Peek-A-boo! Barn Owl by James Boardman Woodend - A rescue animal in the gentle care of the Barn Owl trust.