Schumann Komplette Classic Suit-dress - Brown

Schumann Komplette Classic Suit-dress - Brown >> love the top

Custom molded minimalist Vibram soles and trademark lacing system offering the ultimate barefoot sandal experience.

Schumann the Shoeman

Schumann the Shoeman

High Heel Shoe Box Template | ... shoe template go HERE . To download that heel and flower template go

Paper Shoe Treat for a “Sole” mate!!

Sparkler Writing | Have some fun this Fourth of July with Sparkler Messages! Think.Make.Share, a blog from the Creative Studios at Hallmark, will teach you how to use your cameras to create memorable photographs as you write with sparklers! This is such a cool photo idea that can be used for all kinds of specials occasions—like engagements, weddings, baby announcements, and gender reveals!

How to write with sparklers: An easy July 4th Party Idea


I love the silver shorts matched with all the black and white comfortable pieces. (On the Street - Rei Shito, Paris.

Kinda loving this jacket! ... Schumann Komplette Classic Suit-Dress Dark Grey

Schumann Komplette Classic Suit-Dress Dark Grey Use Diane Ericson Fault line patterns!

Love this outfit, with the different colors and prints

When even Hart Schaffner Marx looks good, American menswear must be back on track.

Hands on his chest, looking at each other

Cute picture to show off the ring. :) I love a classic black and white, especially a simple close-up shot like this.

Hey, is that the most interesting man in the world from the commercials?  I'm just not loving those shoes.  I hope he doesn't get a bad blister.

On the Street … Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris, more men with style

My Faux Coat seen on Garance Doré by Garance

My Faux Coat

Garance Dore in a faux fur Dries Van Noten coat, white sneakers and white pants.