1960's Cub Scout Cartoons that still ring true

Cub Scout Cartoon-"In case of emergency, break glass. ( There is a Boy Scout standing inside the emergency box.

A Scout is...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

SodaHead - The Boy Scouts are not allowing “obese” scouts to attend their national Jamboree. Do you agree?

Scout Neckerchief Knots and Folds                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Scout Neckerchief Knots and Folds

The cattle rustler’s and good-turn knots are decorative ways to tie off the ends of a Scout neckerchief. For a dressier look try tucking th.

Great Ideas — 25 Summer DIY Projects!

Great Ideas -- 25 Summer DIY Projects!

Travel Tic Tac Toe Rocks : Don't have gifts yet? Don't stress check out these Last minute DIY gifts to finish out your Christmas lists!

Morse Code - Secret Codes for Cubs and Scouts

Morse Code - Secret Codes for Cubs and Scouts. My sister and I used to have walkie talkies that had Morse Code on then and we used to send each other messages lol

blade info  Old School

Vintage Kids' Books My Kid Loves: The Golden Book of Camping Laminate this and stick it to one of the camp boxes so all can care for their own knives.

games rediscovered--fun first aid one too

Here& a guest post featuring four great rediscovered games for Scouts from Enoch Heise.

Campfire Brownies in an orange! How fun does this sound?!?!

17 Fun & Easy Campfire Recipes

Campfire Brownies in an orange! at least 1 orange per camper, Brownie or cake mix, 1 sharp knife, Sturdy soup spoons, Heavy foil wrap. Notes: For brownie mix you will get approx. Cake mix will yield approx.

Another pinner said: Scout survival brackets! There are many ways to make them and with all kinds of colors. This is another thing that we did at Cub Scout Day Camp this year. Not one complaint. Well.... maybe one or two because they wanted to make more than just one lol.

Paracord Bracelet With a Side Release Buckle

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. Best DIY Ideas Jewelry: Re-braid survival bracelet -Read More -

While the twelve points of the Scout law at summer camp isn’t  different than the Scout law anywhere else the week we spend together in the ...

Scout Camp Law (American scout laws but still good for our scouts.

Kids would sure have fun learning these... @Shaylee Brown  just for you and jacob

Groundhog Day Activities for Toddler & Preschool