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Moana - loved it! Made me cry, wish my Samoan grandmother was still alive to teach me more about my heritage

"You have to be reasonable with yourself and not feel guilty when things aren't perfect." -Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith Hairstyles

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Lo stop imposto dalla Gdf a una storica attività

In a Heartbeat ||3/3|| So beautiful / #anime

"In a Heartbeat" court-métrage juste ma-gni-fique ! Et trop mignon

good idea naruto! * gives sakura candy * please don't kill me

Damn sakura, Im suprised Sasuke isnt like at loss of blood and that Naruto aint getting the shit beat out of him for looking

How to Fold a Bunny Napkin from Taste of Home http://pinterest.com/taste_of_home/

How to Fold a Bunny Napkin