Gah! not sure where to pin this... my geekhood board or my artsy board? So beautiful!

danyxn: Late night sketching… Guess who?<< might copy this for my summer exam - the theme has to be a portrait and this would help the two eyes problem.

Sherlock Holmes by on @DeviantArt ----- I love this, I love the way his hair is blowing and the way his tears are placed..

Are you around to save our precious Sherlock? You better be so I can have a toast on superwholock! (15 jan 2017)

There is at least one benefit in being from

There is at least one benefit in being from Russia. I’ve already watched the latest episode. I wanted to draw somethin so hard… so. not to spoil anything - just Sherlock playing violin….

Beautiful artwork. Get out. Artist, you are amazing. Go away. I hate you. I love you. Stahp.

Ok, I'm not generally a fan of fan art, but ohmygawd look at this drawing! If this is totally hand drawn, it's absolutely stunning!

Wow... for court. I thought this was pretty freakin awesome.

Epic john Watson and Sherlock art<<<this is f***ing incredible <<<my heart. I have the same expression as John right now. I can feel it.