Inter Vitam et Mortem by ~swanguin on deviantART

A few weeks ago I asked if someone could give me ideas and suggested a skull with butterflies. This is what I came up with Took me about 3 hours and I u. Inter Vitam et Mortem

Skull drawings 1                                                       …

dont really have anything to submit except these skulls i ahve to draw for school.only 33 more drawings to go X. skulls 1 and 2

A beautiful skull sketch.                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

So this is my last picture from the art course which I attended since August till September. It was supposed to last only ten days, but we got one bonus day We could choose from few things.

Skull drawing

New concentration for this year: Roses & their Symbolism ! "While a black rose is very intriguing and unique, it actually stands for protest or deat. A Black Rose